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​~ Spilling the Tea With Paul Tofani ~ 

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​~ BAR Virtual School of Instruction 2021~

March 13th, 2021 - 


At The Georgian Dinner Table - Niel De Marino

"Sewing 101 - So How Do I Do This?" - Henry Cooke 

The Tinsmith in America: The Trade, Materials, Tools, & Products   - Billy McMillen 

March 14th, 2021 - 

Putting the "us" in US History: How to Incorporate Diverse Points of View into your Interpretation”  - Daniel Sieh


Eight Coats, Seven Shirts, Fifteen Fathom Wanpum: Early Colonial Settlement and the First Deeds -  Drew Shuptar Rayvis 

March 20th, 2021 -

Interpreting Nursing during the War for Independence:  Background and Practical How-to’s” with Andrea Ackerman PhD

“The Scourge of War; Smallpox During the American  Revolution” with Douglas Aumack

March 21st, 2021 -

"Mind the introduction to 18th Social Dance” with Sue Braisted

​“Recruitment and Retainment” with Steve Gardner

“Handkerchiefs, and Other Bits of Cloth: Neckwear of 18th century towns-people & sailors in Anglo-America during the Revolutionary War era” with Ruth Hodges

"Event Planning 101 - Part 1” with Mark Hurwitz

"Event Planning 101 - Part 2" with Mark Hurwitz 

March 27th, 2021 -

"The Von Steuben Manual” by Mark Hurwitz featuring the 3rd NJ Regiment

​“The 1764 Manual Exercise” by Chris Pratt and Brandon Fisichella featuring HM 54th Regiment

​~ Insights from the 18th Century  ~

September 26th - 

"Beyond Haym Salomon - Fighting Jews of the American Revolution" - Mark Hurwitz 

September 19th - 

Creating Impressions of a Lower Sort - Ruth Hodges

September 12th - 

"They Were Good Soldiers": African Americans Serving in the Continental Army - John U. Rees

September 5th-


Peggy Shippen and the Treason at West Point - Dr. Charlene Boyer

August 29th -

The Third New Jersey Greys - Phil Weaver 

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August 22nd -

Interview with Todd Braisted 

Todd's Recommended Reading + More

August 15th -

"After the Fashion of His Country: Asia and Asians in the 18th century English World" - Daniel Sieh

Live Q&A With Daniel Sieh 

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