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Event Information

January 13th & 14th: Cowpens – NPS – Southern Region Sanction Event

Cowpens National Battlefield in Gafney, SC (1/17/1781) will be commemorating the 243rd anniversary of the battle with a Living History event on January 13-14, 2024 (Saturday and Sunday). This battle pitted Brigadier-General Daniel Morgan and apx. 1,600 Continentals and militia against Lt. Col Banastre Tarleton and 1,100 British regulars and Provincials.


April 20th: Annual Meeting, Red Hook, NY


April 27TH-28th: March Through Redding, Redding, CT 

This event will commemorate the Crown Forces marching through Redding, CT on their way to destroy the Continental Supplies stored in Danbury, CT. The exact date of this raid was from April 25th to the 27th, 1777. The Regulars were met with skirmishes along the route.


May 4-5TH: School of the Soldier, New Bridge Landing, NJ 

The BAR school of instruction assists in fulfilling the mission of the organization in educating about and interpreting the American Revolution to the public through membership. At this upcoming school, there will be a focus on Fortifications, with membership learning the importance and logistics of fortifications, geography, and camp duties to keep 18th century armies in the field. 

May 18th – 19th: Yorktown Heights, Westchester, NY, Rochambeau 

Hudson Valley Rev250 Launch Event, Dutchess County, NY, June 8th or 16th

Join your friends from throughout the Hudson Valley to launch our region's Rev250 programming at this one-day event. The event committee is currently negotiating with the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library & Museum (the First Presidential Library) in Hyde Park, NY, as our host site. The event will feature ongoing living history demonstrations with presentations from local historical societies, museums, and Rev250 commissions. There will be plentiful parking, modern restrooms, a cafe, and the chance to visit the exhibits at the Presidential Library.


July 6-7th: Hubbardton, VT


July 27-28th: Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY

Experience three centuries of Great Lakes History and explore the forgotten theatre of the American Revolution at the Key to the Continent! Old Fort Niagara will host a return Big Three event weekend. Defend and attack one of the best-preserved eighteenth-century fortifications in North America while enjoying fantastic views of Lake Ontario. More information to follow as plans are solidified in the new year.

August 17th & 18th National Firelock Match, Smithgall's Musket & Artillery Range, PA

October 18th-20th:  Burning of Kingston, NY 

Return to the heart of the Hudson Valley for the climax of the 1777 campaign at the Burning of Kingston! The City of Kingston, Ulster County, and a range of local partners are bringing back this Hudson Valley favorite every year in the lead up to the 250th anniversary in 2027. The event will feature accommodations in the Stockade District, a running street battle on Saturday, and living history demonstrations on Sunday. Plans are ongoing, including a colonial ball and party on Saturday night. Enjoy peak leaf season while defending or burning the capital of New York.


November 2nd: Putnam Park, Redding, CT,

This is one of the campsites of the Continental Army in Connecticut established to prevent another inland raid by the Crown Forces. This educational event is enjoyed by all who attend, hosts the largest children's wooden musket drill and the site allows the digging and use of a camp kitchen- not allowed on other historic sites.


November 23rd -24th:  Retreat from Fort Lee to New Bridge Landing

The retreat from Fort Lee and New Bridge can be considered the gateway to victory during the American Revolution. The darkest days of the war took place in northern New Jersey at these locations during "times that tried men's souls" but it led to the daring crossing of the Delaware, and victories during the ten crucial days campaign that reinvigorated the cause for Liberty. The true desperation of Washington's army can be felt in Fort Lee, and American victories are not the only stories worth telling. 

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