Schedule - 2020

*Subject to change

Main Department Calendar 

April 4th & 5th: SOI- Fort Adams RI 

May: 30 &31  Emersion event- Eastfield Village, East Nassau, NY

July: Orange County New York   TBD

Aug15&16: Battle of the Walloomsac (Bennington), Walloomsac, NY 

Sept 25th-27th Old Fort Niagara  NY -National Encampment 

 Nov 7th: Assault on Redding Ridge, Putnam Memorial Park, Redding Ct, 

Nov 21st: 24X Annv. of the Retreat to Victory, FLHP, Fort Lee, NJ

(Proposed for 2020 calendar: - 1 or 2 Firelock Matches (TBD)

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