About Us

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Recreating the past...
                   To teach the future
The Brigade of the American Revolution was founded with the mission to educate the public and its members about the American Revolution and the Colonial Period. 
Throughout the years, the Brigade has grown into a national organization with over a thousand members. By putting on spectacular events that feature educational programs and are jam-packed with authentic action, the Brigade is proud to be a leader in the Living History Community!
Our mission is clear; the Brigade wants to help everyone experience history. See Our Mission page to see how we try to live out Our Mission every day!
Why should you join the Brigade? Check out our Benefits of Membership to see how you can fit into our community!
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Great organization. We must preserve our past so that the present can learn about it. I am always excited to teach kids our history, and even more excited to do it through living history

— Matthew Solander