Nov 8

Why a Forum?


With the BAR List no longer a sustainable option for Brigade communication, the Board was looking for another avenue to communicate electronically. This where the idea for a forum was first born!


A forum, using the ancient Rome model, was a site located at the center of ancient Rome and it was a place to discuss all aspects of life.


Here, in the Brigade Forum, we hope to discuss all aspects of reenacting.


So to encourage our members to use this platform, I have compiled the top 5 ways to use this forum!


1. To post/read about Upcoming Events

One of the main reasons our members will benefit from the use of a forum is so event information can be easily communicated. Not only is this easily accessible and keeps information in one place, but it also allows for commentary and questions to be posted. The forum also allows attachments to be uploaded and downloaded, so members can download the schedule to keep if they choose!

Read about Fort Lee Here!

2. Share Research and Historical Knowledge

Saw a really cool article on facebook? Read an interesting book? Great Historical Recipe? this is the place to share these things with your fellow members! Not only does this aid your fellow members, but it also serves to continue to aid our organization as a whole!

For Example - How to Make A Cartridge

3. Brainstorm Event Ideas

Have you ever been to a really cool site that you would like to host an event that? Post about it on the Forum and see what the community response will be! This way everyone has an opportunity to be heard and contribute to the Brigade in a new and exciting way!

4. Share Pictures and After Action Reports of Past Events

Visuals are always the best way to communicate to the world and to each other! the Forum can serve as a place to post all of those amazing photos you took of events! Plus, this also helps our webmaster and editor pick some of the best photos.




5. Arrange Social Events - Museum Opening? Carpool?

One of the greatest aspects of this hobby is the people we meet along the way. So, why not create a place for members to communicate with each other! Maybe there is a great new museum exhibit opening or a local historic pub crawl. Maybe you simply want to see if you can arrange to carpool to an event!


This new method of communication is whatever we make of it! I hope our members participate fully in this forum, embracing all of the ways to foster community and the spread of information!

New Posts
  • Retreat Weekend Participant Schedule of Events for Saturday, November 23rd 2019 10:00 am Unit commanders meeting on patio of visitor’s center. 10:30 am Formations in camps- Crown at Blockhouse, Congressional forces at huts. Guards mounted, work details posted. 11:45 am Formation for the parade to Monument Park. 12:00 Noon Parade to Monument Park. 1:00 pm Lunch at huts. 1:30 pm Music/Infantry 2:00 pm Artillery demonstration. 3:00 pm Formation for Battle of the Blockhouse. 5:00 pm Site closed. For driving directions and more information please visit the Palisades Interstate Park Commission website at Fort Lee Historic Park * 201-461-1776 * Wednesday-Sunday 10:00 - 4:45
  • The Palisades Interstate Park Commission cordially invites your unit to attend Fort Lee’s annual commemoration of the British 1776 Invasion of New Jersey and the beginning of Washington’s historic retreat. The event will be held on Saturday 23 November and Sunday 24 November 2019 at the Fort Lee Historic Park, located on Hudson Terrace in Fort Lee, New Jersey. This event will feature a combination of some old and some new. We trust those groups that have participated at the Fort’s shows in the past will enjoy the new programs and additions while continuing the same hospitality and unique features of the site that have made this show so enjoyable in the past. The event will include an interesting tactical weapons demonstration (battle) involving the blockhouse, along with demonstrations, drill and camp activities. The Artillery demonstration will feature the Fort’s 3 Pounder, 6 Pounder and 8-inch mortar. The Fort will continue to provide a hot lunch. All participants are requested to bring their period eating and drinking utensils. Assistants, either male or female, to help with lunch will be needed. Please make someone available beforehand or aid if requested. For merchants, as space is limited, merchants and peddlers who wish to set up inside of the visitor’s center must request permission from the Historic Park in advance. No tables are available; you must supply your own. There is plenty of space for merchants outside... There will be an opportunity to sell or trade those items that you have not yet recently used or have made. The annual event at Fort Lee has gone on through sunshine, rain, and even the odd snowflake. Please come rain or shine, as the public will attend regardless of the weather. The schedule will adapt to the conditions. Command staff and safety officers will be appointed for each side beforehand. The site requests that the soldier hut be reserved solely for park staff use during the day. Work parties will be needed for the kitchen, woodcutting and fortifying the blockhouse area. Please bring whatever period axes, saws and fascine knives you may have, as they - will be used. We encourage each unit to engage in whatever camp activities you wish such as pay calls, court-martial, recruiting, oats, etc.…We know many of you have supported this event in the past and hope you will support it this year. We look forward to seeing you in Fort Lee this November!
  • Good evening All, As we get ready for an exciting experience of a "live firing" match at the Ackermann Homestead. Please see the attachment on making cartridges to refresh your memory or if you have never made them before... This is a great opportunity to experience the feel of live firing and having a blast !