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The Brigade Civilian Salon 
May 5th - 7th 
Mabee Farms, NY 

The Brigade of the American Revolution is pleased to advise our membership, that for the first time in our
history, we will be establishing a civilian exhibition focused on material culture, social history and the lives of civilians within the context of the Georgian era, in North America. Entitled “The B.A.R. Salon: A Civilian Engagement” and take place on May 5 th to 7 th , 2023 at Mabee Farms in Rotterdam Junction, NY. 

This gathering will focus our attention on a series of seminars, workshops and lectures aimed towards educating our membership as it pertains to the lives and realities faced by those living within the era that we recreate, giving us a better understanding of the difficulties and joys that they encountered, throughout their lives. With matters ranging from vices of the Anglo society to education in Colonial America, medicine in the colonies to the sport of cricket, we will provide those in attendance with a diverse and lively display of life in all its facets. We encourage our membership to take advantage of this new and unique opportunity to explore the civilian side of our shared hobby and to see what might await them in a new, or potentially expanded impression. It is our hope that this engagement will spur your
creativity and interests in new ways that will lead to new and creative impressions to enrich our ongoing activities.

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