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Since 1962 the Brigade has been recreating a broad spectrum of the 18th Century. The Brigade hosts military encampments, tactical exercises, firelock shooting competitions, craft demonstrations, and social activities. The Brigade also conducts annual schools and educational seminars featuring experts from numerous fields of 18th Century study.


Who We Are? 

The Brigade of the American Revolution was founded in 1962, with the purpose to continue to promote the legacy...


What We do? 

The Brigade of the American Revolution features several national events throughout the year...


How To Join?

There are numerous ways to join the Brigade either as a unit, an individual, or as a Civilian Class Member...

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There are over 100 different units who fall under the umbrella of the Brigade...

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From music books, to research guides, to showing your Brigade pride, shop our store now!

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Want to get in contact with us? Send us an email at the link below 

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