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Yorktown Heights

May 18th - 19th 

99 Moseman Rd, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Join us for an exciting Brigade weekend and encampment nestled in the
picturesque landscapes of Westchester, NY, situated on the historic grounds of
the French encampment. Immerse yourself in a unique combined camp
experience, honoring the French tradition, at this horse-friendly venue owned by
the Yorktown Grange, which provides convenient stalls and paddocks. Enhance
your knowledge with captivating educational speakers focusing on French

John Koopman will portray George Washington, delving into his relationship
with Rochambeau during the Revolution. Various dignitaries from New York
State and Congress, along with UN officials, will be present to learn more about
BAR programming. Ongoing demonstrations and civilian activities will be
open to the public, including an engaging Tactical Weapons demonstration
and an authentic 18th-century encampment in the French style.

I. Parking is on site - in the back field below the raise - See Map 

II. Fixed facilities on site (Bathrooms) 

III. Portable water on Site including for Horse plus 4 cases of bottled water

IV. 1/4 quarter wood - (Can be delivered by Oxen)  

V. There will be just two bales of Straw for display tents. (lately not many people have been using straw)

VI.  The 54th is planning a tavern and jollifications for Saturday evening.

VII. The main camp will be set in the French style. And Horse at the end of the field by Stables and Corral 

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