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Board Member at Large

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247th Anniversary
British March Through Redding, Connecticut

Saturday, April 27th, 2024

In 1777, 1,800 Crown troops marched through Redding on April 26, to capture and destroy the military stores in Danbury, Connecticut. South of Redding, the Crown column was ambushed and suffered a few casualties. The column continued on to Redding Ridge to rest, taking a few prisoners, before heading up to Danbury to complete their mission.


The folks of Redding are excited about this event, which will be a lead-in to the Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution. In appreciation of your efforts, lunch will be served to all registered participants. The afternoon tactical demonstration will be patterned after the 1777 ambush. In addition, there will be artillery and medical demonstrations, a People of the Encampment program, and the ever-popular children’s wooden musket drill.


The event will be held at the Historic Onion Field, next to #37 Lonetown Road (Route 107), Redding, Connecticut, 06896.


Camping on site will be available both Friday and Saturday nights. In the 18 th century camp, only common soldiers’ wedge tents are to be used. All local units are asked to bring a common soldier’s wedge tent to set up on the tent line.

For more information:

Al Abraham (203) 544-3246

Steve Gardner (860) 416-4497

David Solek (475) 281-6461

Schedule -

8:00 Arrival, registration, and setup

9:45 Unit commanders meeting (parade ground)

10:00 Formation, safety inspection, camp opens to public

10:30 Artillery demonstration

11:30 Medical demonstration

12:00 Lunch call (nooning)

1:00 People of the Encampment

1:30 Children’s Muster and Wooden Musket Drill

2:30 Artillery demonstration

3:00 Tactical demonstration (battle)

After battle: (BAR command staff:)

Salute to Armed Services Members and First Responders

4:00 Camp closes to public

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