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Insights from the 18th Century -

The Brigade remains committed to our mission of educating the public on the life and times of the American Revolution. We hope to continue to spotlight all aspects of the Revolution in order to do justice to the rich and diverse history that is the American Story. We hope you join us online in furthering our education on all parts of the Revolution! 

The Brigade's Commitment to Authors* 

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Join us on the Brigade Facebook Page every Saturday morning at 10:00 AM. Full videos can also be found in the Members Only section.

Presenters ~ 

August 15th - Daniel J Sieh  - After the Fashion of His Country: Asia and Asians in the 18th century English World -  Watch Now 

 In the 18th century, Asia and Europe shared a robust trade network, where ideas, goods and people flowed between them and where the New World is caught in the middle of this vast interplay between East and West. Join Daniel J Sieh as we explore the stories of Asians in the 18th century.


August 22nd - Todd Braisted - Interview - Watch Now - Recommended Readings 


Join us for an in-depth interview with author Todd Braisted as he discusses his research, past, and upcoming projects! Todd has researched and written many fantastic works such as "Bergen County Voices from the American Revolution: Soldiers and Residents in Their Own Words" and "Grand Forage 1778: The Battleground Around New York City." Todd takes us through his research process and advice he has for those interested in research in this fun and informative discussion.  


August 29th - Phil Weaver - The 3rd New Jersey Greys


Phil will discuss the sources and processes used to research his new book, "The 3rd New Jersey in New York: Stories from The Jersey Greys of 1776," released on July 1, 2020.  He will also tell some of the newly researched stories he added to the book that were not previously published in the Journal of the American Revolution on-line magazine.

September 5th - Dr. Charlene Boyer Lewis - Peggy Shippen Arnold in the Revolutionary War 

            Join us for this special guest from the Organization of American Historians! Peggy Shippen Arnold plotted with her husband Benedict to turn over West Point to the British in 1780 during the Revolutionary War. Yet, there was more to her life than this moment of treachery. The Arnolds’ treason took place within a larger debate over the nature of a republican culture. As Americans grappled with the meanings of republicanism as well as fluctuating ideas about gender, the Arnolds’ treasonous plot brought to light many questions. Could women be as political as men? How should married women be viewed–as separate entities or as extensions of their husbands? How should women serve the Patriot cause? More crucially, could a wife be a Patriot and her husband a Loyalist or vice versa? Did Loyalist wives constitute a threat? Did gender beliefs about “ladies” trump political views about enemies to the Revolution? Peggy Shippen Arnold demonstrates the distinct ways in which women of this era, both Loyalist and Patriot, participated in public culture and contributed to the important political and social discussions of the day.

September 12th - John U. Rees  -  "They Were Good Soldiers": African Americans Serving in the Continental Army

The role of African-Americans, most free but some enslaved, in the regiments of the Continental Army is not well-known; neither is the fact that relatively large numbers served in southern regiments and that the greatest proportion served alongside their white comrades in integrated units. John's abbreviated presentation on the subject will provide an overview of African American Continental Army service, men as well as women, what we know of their numbers, and will include several soldiers' accounts.


September 19th - Ruth Hodges - Creating an Impression of a Lower Sort - My Journey Creating a Shoe-Black Persona as a Template for other Lower-Class Impressions

Ruth Hodges will explore with you how to research a lower-class impression (female or male), then assemble the clothing and other material culture pertinent to that impression, and ultimately use your persona to engage with the public. 


In this time of national reckoning for those who so often go unheard, this is the perfect time to give voice to the men and women of the past who have been mostly forgotten by traditional historical study.  It is imperative that we, as living historians, engage with the public in such a way as to humanize all those who came before us.  

September 26th - Mark Hurwitz - Beyond Haym Salomon - Fighting Jews of the American Revolution

Why has Haym Salomon become the only Jew that makes it into the historic dialog? What was his real story? What about the veterans in the field who fought? We’ll explore their interesting and important contributions to American Independence.

October 3rd  - Don Hagist - Interview

Join us for an in-depth interview with author Don Hagist as we discuss his unique voice on different perspectives of the 18th century. Don has written extensively on the American Revolution, including books such as “The Revolution’s Last Men: The Soldiers Behind the Photographs” and “British Soldiers, American War.” Learn about his upcoming book, “Noble Volunteers: The British Soldiers Who Fought the American Revolution,” and different insights he has to offer on his various works.

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