Recordings - Military Musick of the American Revolution

  • This effort is directed primarily to serve as an instructional aid for members of the Brigade of the American Revolution interested in learning drum signals and camp duties as played on fife or drum. It is one of the most comprehensive recordings of 18th century martial music available today, containing 90 selections. These range from a simple drum beating signalling right face to favorite airs and marches.

    The selections have been researched, edited and compiled from period sources by Brigade members and published in A Collection of Standardized Fife Tunes and Drum Accompanyment From the Period 1775-1783, (R. Hauley, W. Bub & W. Frueh, eds. Albany: Brigade of the American Revolution, 1989, now discontinued.) The compact disc is designed to correspond with the book. The tunes are played in the same order that they appear in the Collection. All of the fife tunes are from primary sources prioir to 1790. At the time of the recording, no drum sources prior to 1810 had been located. Therefore, primary sources of drum manuals between 1810-1820 have been used. All sources are listed in the Collection.