Military Music of the American Revolution

  • Military Music of the American Revolution
    A Collection of Authentic Signals, Camp Duties, Marches, and Favorite Airs for the Fife and Drum

    Now Available A 124-page spiral bound book organized into five chapters:

    Signals, Call & Camp Duties contains the drum signals and fife tunes used to communicate daily routine orders to the army, such as gathering wood, assembling the men for inspection, and alarm in case of an emergency.

    Favorite Troops, Retreats & Tattoos expands on the previous chapter by including music used for ceremonial purposes such as when the regiments flags were paraded or when the duty day had ended and the men were to return to their tents.

    American Marches & Quicksteps and British Marches & Quicksteps includes the distinctive marches used by various regiments.

    Marches & Favorite Airs includes tunes popular in Great Britain and America. Military musicians also performed music to raise morale and to entertain. This music came from a variety of sources, including ballad operas, tavern songs, and dance tunes. Included are 75 pages of sheet music and 18 pages of notes and documentation of all the music in this book.