Our Mission

Educate. Inspire. Preserve.


The Brigade's mission is a simple one; to share the story that is the American Revolution. The  American Revolution is the story of a nation. A story of resilience and determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. We seek to share this story in new and invigorating ways. We want to bring the American story to you.


We strive to educate the public through living history events, workshops, lectures, and more; teaching them in ways that are immersive and personable. Learn the stories of the people in the American Revolution, not just the dates and places.

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By educating the public, by showing them each of our member's passion, we hope to inspire them. Inspire them to take ownership of this story and to do something with that spark.


We wish to inspire people to take action; that they themselves wish to take part in preserving the story of the founding of our nation. Whether it be through joining our organization to help tell the story, researching specific facets of the period, or donating time or funds to aid in the production of educational programs, everyone can help make a difference.

Our story is the American story. Which means that it is everyone’s story. Learn how you can make a difference by getting involved today or by lending your support through donation!