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Battle of Hubbardton 
July 6 & 7th: Hubbardton, VT

Hubbardton Battlefield is one of those untouched  actual battlegrounds that is  we have the honor of being able to walk and reenact upon,  This year  on Saturday public battle will depict the British Grenadiers action and the American escape to Rutland over the green mountains.  Sunday morning with be the full creation of the Battle of Hubbardton, with the marching up the Monument  hill  to struggle at the wall to the seesaw control of the battle until the sound of Lutheran's hymns are heard and the  arrival of the Germans that secured the field for the Crown.  Other activities include the "Last Man Standing" competition to get your name placed on Carl Fuller Cup, People of Hubbardton, watch one the finest lighted battle maps in the visitor center and on Saturday evening short remembrance for Paul Supley.  The weekend ends at 2 PM on Sunday for all can get a early start home.

Important Things to Note - 

  • No horses, no dogs (Vermont State rules)

  • Artillery demos on Saturday, no artillery on Sunday, as the action was strictly infantry on infantry.

  • Site will open on Friday afternoon for early arrivals.

  • Site and sponsors strongly encourage participants to comport their unit's appearance to 1777 if possible, but it is not required to participate.

  • Volunteers needed for People of Hubbardton! 

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