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For camping information, registration, tactical plans, and more please loo see attached document below ~ 


If you have any additional questions, please contact James McKane at

*This Event is dependent on the COVID-19 Delta Variant and the decisions made by local government ordinances. This event is subject to change 



Fort Lee will be providing the traditional lunch as a courtesy to Brigade Members. 


As such, it is paramount for registration to ensure there is enough food for all. 

We ask that all Units register NO LATER, than October 31st! 






There will be a tactical, presentation, lunch, and traditional parade on Saturday, November, 20th Fort Lee.


Sunday will bring a unique "flying camp" scenario with an additional tactical at New Bridge Landing on the 21st. 

For the Full Schedule of Events



Information Packet 

245th Anniversary of the
Retreat From Fort Lee 

November 20th - 21st 

Please join us for the 245th Anniversary of the Retreat from Fort Lee this November 20th! Fort Lee will be manned by the Continentals throughout the day on Saturday the 20th, up until the British attack and chaos ensues during the battle over Fort Lee. Through the whole day, soldiers will work fortifying the defenses and making last-minute barricades to the fort. 

On Sunday morning, the retreat march to Historic New Bridge Landing takes place with the Continentals leading with wagons, wounded, and ragged men while closely pursued by the British and their allies. Once New Bridge is reached, a small skirmish for the bridge occurs, leaving the British to make camp on one side while the retreating rebels make camp on the other. Another tactical demonstration will occur for the bridge as men of the “flying camp” try to fend off the attackers as their comrades continue to retreat to safety.


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