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246th Anniversary of the 
Retreat from Fort Lee 

The BAR’s annual Fort Lee event will take place on Saturday, November 18th. Please plan to arrive at Fort Lee prior to 8:30am to make preparations for the event. Fort Lee will be an accurate representation of the chaos of retreat with the central goal of true interpretation for spectators to understand the sacrifices of 247 years ago. Throughout the whole day, soldiers will work on making last-minute defenses while civilians of both armies will do their best to share stories of the struggles of being behind or on the lines of the fighting. There will be presentations and demos throughout the day on 18th century cricket, coffee making, music, and artillery; plus merchants selling goods and the infamous Civilian Contingent fabric sale inside the museum. Prior to the battle reenactment, a quick parade to the center of the city will again take place to honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. General Washington and his staff will also be on site to ensure the retreat goes as planned. The Brigade invites all members attending Fort Lee to also attend the Retreat to New Bridge Landing on Sunday, with that in mind, Fort Lee has generously offered their grounds and visitor center for anyone wishing to stay overnight on Saturday.

On Sunday, November 19th, all members are also encouraged to attend the Retreat to New Bridge Landing where the Continental rearguard will do their best to hold back the British from crossing the Hackensack River until a final push is made. The day will consist of two battle demonstrations, multiple public programs, a provided lunch, and General Washington leading his army on the Retreat to Victory. Between the battles, soldiers of both armies will drill and prepare for the next skirmish while discussing the recent withdrawals from the palisades forts with the public. Plan to arrive before 10am on site Sunday, and the day will end prior to 3pm. Historic New Bridge Landing has also graciously offered their site for those wishing to stay overnight on Saturday into Sunday.

Be on the lookout for additional schedules, maps, and registration information for the annual weekend event on the Brigade’s Facebook page and website. For any inquires on the event, or if you are interested in attending as a merchant, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Brigade through or to lead organizer James McKane at

-James McKane

BAR Retreat Weekend Committee- lead

BAR board member at-large, Co-Inspector

Commander, 3rd NJ Grays

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