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Follow the French: Rochambeau Festival
May 20th, 10:00 AM -4:00 PM 

All members, Crown and Congressional forces are welcome. We will work closely with the Regiment Saintonge as they will be center stage in the three site tour throughout Westchester (Smith’s Tavern  & Ordell House Rochambeau Headquarters). There will be a lecture on the French encampment by Dr. Robert A. Selig. There will be a French Brigadier General in attendance along with state and local officials. And will provide an opportunity to meet the politicians that will change the law so that we can continue our avocation in a state that had 1/3rd of the major engagements during the war for independence!        

The site will be open for early set up Friday afternoon at 3:00pm (Saintonge will be on site earlier to lay out the camp in the French format). The encampment will be on the original French encampment site of 1781. This one-day event starts at 10:00 am May 20th and ends at 4:00pm. Please make sure you are there well in advance if you are day tripping. There will be security for high level dignitaries for the 10 am kick off. There will be firings and a twd depending on numbers so bring powder to fire those muskets!  Those wishing to stay until Sunday morning are welcome to do so until noon. The location is Rochambeau Park, 99 Moseman Rd, Yorktown Heights, (Yorktown Grange Fairgrounds) New York 10598.

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