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Brigade of the American Revolution 
Annual Firelock Match 

October 7th-9th 

Ackermann Farms, Roseboom, NY

The American Revolution wasn’t fought using blanks.  Here’s an opportunity to learn what your firelock is capable of and to test your skills so that the next time someone asks: “What is the effective range of your rifle?” and “Can a musket really hit anything?” and “How big is the hole it makes?”  you can give them an authentic and truthful answer, adding: “I know because I did it!”   

Attention Shooters & Plinkers:

The 1 st New York, 1775 is hosting a Firelock Shooting and Maintenance Workshop
on Columbus Day weekend, October 7-9, 2023 at Ackermann Farms in Cherry
Valley, NY. We are contacting you to solicit your interest in attending. In keeping
with its fundamental mission, the Brigade of the American Revolution has
sanctioned this activity and encourages all its members to take advantage of this
opportunity to shoot live and learn more about their firelocks. All BAR clothing,
safety and firelock match standards will be in effect.

Ackermann Farms is 70+ acres of mixed terrain with ranges for the shooting of
small arms and artillery with an additional 130 acres of neighboring farmland and
the Bear Swamp State Forest available for trekking and horseback riding. There is
plenty of camping space, water and electric for RV’s, space in the shop for cot
crashers, and there are numerous motels in nearby Cooperstown and Cobleskill,
NY. The address is 527 Buttermilk Hill Rd., Cherry Valley, NY 13320.

There will be shooting and social activities on all 3 days beginning at noon on
Saturday. We are just outside of Cooperstown, NY for you site seers and, if there
is interest, on one day we can do a driving tour of the Cherry Valley Massacre
Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can plan accurately. As in past years there
will be a small fee ($20) collected to cover food costs (all meals provided), liquid
refreshment is BYOB, and please bring an 18 th C. or a firelock related item for the
prize blanket.

To RSVP or ask for more information please contact us at
or call 607-264-2044. Remember, the American Revolution wasn’t fought using

We look forward to hearing from you,
Paul and Andrea Ackermann
1 st NY, 1775

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