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Brigade of the American Revolution 
Annual Firelock Match 

June 11th - 12th 

Ackermann Farms, Roseboom, NY

The American Revolution wasn’t fought using blanks.  Here’s an opportunity to learn what your firelock is capable of and to test your skills so that the next time someone asks: “What is the effective range of your rifle?” and “Can a musket really hit anything?” and “How big is the hole it makes?”  you can give them an authentic and truthful answer, adding: “I know because I did it!”   

This year’s match will challenge even the most experienced shooters as well as give plinkers the chance to satisfy their shooting pleasure.  Period inspired targets will include scored marks (X’s), candles, turkey heads, tax stamps, blazes on logs, and bottles (paper for safety), and there will be a woods walk ending with a tomahawk throw.  Team events will include advancing on the enemy (the paper kind), shooting at marks, and stake breaking--all timed.  Awards and honours in the form of period prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of each day’s activities based on aggregate scores.  Please bring a period item to donate to the prize blanket.


Individual events will be held on Saturday and team events will be held on Sunday, but come for both days and enjoy the camaraderie, entertainment and competitive challenges geared towards all levels of shooters.  Novices are especially welcome and will get focused attention--just bring what you have and we’ll help with the rest.  Remember:  This is supposed to be fun so come, relax, camp with your friends and do a little shootin’.

In order to provide enough targets, food, and accommodations, Registration is VERY important. Please register below by May 31st! 

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