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Civilian Class Membership


The Civilian Class Membership, mostly known as the CCM, was created shortly after the Brigade's own inception. Created to allow individuals to join the Brigade without joining a unit, the CCM has evolved into a place for those with civilian impressions to learn, grow, and find their own community. The CCM is dedicated to consistently improving the accuracy in which our members portray those who loyally followed the Continental and Crown Forces in the 18th century. Check back on this page for announcements and events pertaining to the CCM. 

CCM Coordinator - Mary Diaman


CCM Monthly Lecture Series

Follow the CCM on Facebook to watch our monthly online lecture series. From upcoming events, to tips on mending and interpretation; the monthly lecture series is meant to bring interesting and educational content to you in your own home! If you are interested in presenting, 

Contact Us!

Whitework Workshop

We are so excited to announce a Whitework Workshop this August 3rd at Stony Point Battlefield, NY. Join renown Hallie Larkin as she talks us through how to embroider an apron! Register Here!

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