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Canadian Maritime Region

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Welcome! In December 2003, Brigade units in the Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island were grouped into an non-chartered Canadian Maritime Region.

~Schedule 2020 ~ 


Our Units

Canadian Maritime


Congressional Forces 

       None At this Time 

Allied Forces 


     None at this time 


     None at this time 



Crown Forces 


I. Regulars  (Regiments of Foot) 

    84th Regiment of foot, 2nd battalion, Royal Highland Emigrants, BAR Unit #232   


II. Artillery 

    None at this time 


III. Horse

     None at this time 


IV. German Auxiliary forces 

      None at this time 


V. Provincial Forces  (Loyalists) 

    3rd Battalion New Jersey Volunteers, Col. Abraham van Buskirks Company, BAR Unit #292 

    Delancey's Brigade, 2nd Battalion, Allison's Company, BAR Unit #223

    King's Orange Rangers BAR Unit #291

    Royal Fencibles Americans, BAR Unit #293 



Quebec & Ontario Units 



  Crown Forces 


I. Regulars  (Regiments of Foot) 

   Light Company of the 8th (the King's) Regiment of Foot BAR Unit #376   



II. Provincial Forces  (Loyalists) 

    King's Royal Regiment of New York, King's Royal Yorkers BAR Unit #080


III. Naval 

     Royal Navy Landing Party, H.M.S. Lizard, BAR unit #245 

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