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The Friends of the Bennington Battlefield and the Brigade of the American Revolution will be hosting the 245th Anniversary of the Battle of Bennington on the weekend of August 13th & 14th at the Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site in the Town of Hoosick, NY.

Both Rebel and Crown forces will be camped in the large fields adjacent to the Barnet Homestead (the actual ground where most of Baum’s troops were posted). On Saturday morning those on the rebel side who like long treks (approximately 3 miles) through hilly and wooded country, will once again duplicate Col. Benjamin Nichols’ flanking march from the American camp to the area of the Dragoon Breastwork. NB we are also planning a possible march by interested Crown troops on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

A log breastwork has been constructed on the site of the Dragoon Fort, and the rebels will attack this on Saturday afternoon. Late Saturday afternoon we will reenact Breymann's advance and the rebel counter-attack. While most of the original ground where this action took place is along State Rt. 67 or on private property, a portion of it is near where our camps will be so we will recreate the battle on that field.

On Sunday morning after Divine Services all those interested can help in reconstructing the Tory Fort. Materials will be provided. At 1:30 PM we will recreate the rebel attack on the Tory Fort. Troops will be able to break camp around 3:30

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