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(The page numbers refer to the first page of the article.
“Brigade News and Information can include: Calendar, Meetings, Upcoming Events, Past Events &c. (ads are not incluced.)

Vol. IX No. 1 (January 1971) [Volume misnumbered]
  • Annual Index of Features, P.R.N. Katcher p.1
  • Cold Weather Clothing Section: A Frontier Foul Weather Coat, Richard Juday (period instructions for making a watchcoat) p.3
  • (no title), Don Trioni (picture of original British mitten) p.4
  • Overalls in the British Army, P.R.N. Katcher p.5
  • Ice Creepers, P.R.N. Katcher (descriptions of soldiers shoe attachments for walking on ice) p.5
  • Brigade News and Information p.7, 8, 9
  • Further Notes on British Coats, (unknown author) (description of cloth, color &c. of British military coats) p.8
  • Collector Candids: British Bayonet Scabbard, George C. Neumann (description and photo of original scabbard) p.9
  • The Hunting Shirt, (unknown author) (hunting shirt pattern) p.11

Vol. VIII No. 2 (March/April 1971)

  • The Battle of Piqua, Richard R. Juday (history of the battle with a list of men from Kentucky who were at the battle) p.1
  • The 23rd Regt. at Bunker Hill, David C. Cole (rebuttal to previous article with list of actions in which the 23rd was engaged) p.3
  • Some Brief Notes on 18th Century Dining, Robert Mulligan p.4
  • Collector Candids: Shell Guard Hangers, George C. Neumann (description and photos of originals) p.5
  • An 18th Century Knit Hat, Don Troiani (photo & info of original) p.5
  • Brigade News and Information p.8
  • Plate No. 11, Company Officer, 2nd Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers, 1778-1783, Dennis Martin & P.R.N. Katcher (plate & article) p.11

Vol. VIII No. 3 (May/June 1971)

  • The Frock: A Revolutionary War Fatigue Shirt, William Wigham (history, description and uses of frocks) p.1
  • The Pewter “USA” Button, Don Troiani (original buttons) p.3
  • Clinton’s Dam Project, Robert E. Mulligan (dam built by General Clinton in 1779 to raise the level of Otsego Lake) p.4
  • Collector Candids: Naval Boarding Pike, George C. Neumann p.5
  • 18th Century Woven Materials, Richard Juday (types of period cloth with descriptions) p.6
  • A Continental Clothing Issue, P.R.N. Katcher (fall, 1777 issue of clothing to Washington’s men with costs of individual items) p.7
  • Brigade News and Information p.8, 9
  • Uniforms of the Revolution: Private, Battalion Company, 43rd Regiment of Foot, 1776-1777, Don Troiani (plate and article) p.10

Vol. VIII No. 4 (July/August 1971)

  • David Bushnell and the Famous Water Machine From Connecticut, Arthur S. Lefkowitz (the first submarine) p.1
  • Collector Candids: Stone Bullet Molds, George C. Neumann p.6
  • Brigade News and Information p.6, 7, 10
  • Matross, Capt. Coren’s Independent Company of Artillery, 1777-1780, Dennis Martin & P.R.N. Katcher (plate and article) p.8
  • British Infantry Cartridge Box c.1775, George Woodbridge (pattern) p.11

Vol. VIII No. 5 (Sept./Oct. 1971)

  • A Sword for George Rogers Clark, Richard R. Juday (the story of a presentation sword, 1779, with drawing) p.1
  • Uniforms of the Revolution: Private, Musketeer Regiment von Reidesel, 1777, Dennis Martin, P.R.N. Katcher (plate and article) p.6
  • Letters to the Editor, Rene Chartbrand (concerning the wearing of modern eyeglasses and women in the ranks with reply) p.6
  • Basket Hilted Hangers, George C. Neumann p.8
  • Brigade News and Information p.9
  • Great Encouragement for Seamen, (reproduction of 1777 advertisement to volunteer to serve under John Paul Jones) p.10

Vol. VIII No. 6 (Nov./Dec. 1971)

  • The British Soldier’s Reputation Before the Revolution, Gustav Person (colonist’s perception of the British soldier with descriptions of
  • four of his greatest battles just before the Revolution) p.1
  • Uniforms of the Revolution: Seamen, Pa. Armed Boats, on the Jersey, 1781, Dennis Martin and P.R.N. Katcher (plate and article) p.6
  • Brigade News and Information p.6, 9
  • A Lionheaded Hanger, Don Troiani p.8
  • The Short War of Private Hawkins, Robert C. Gramberg (story of Moses Hawkins) p.9
  • Books: Recollections of an Old Soldier, P.R.N. Katcher (memoir of David Perry a veteran of the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars) p.10
  • [no title], (reproduction of enlistment advertisement for the First Batt. Pa. Loyalists) p.11

Vol. IX No. 1 (Jan./Feb. 1972)

  • The Belted Waistcoat, P.R.N. Katcher (description of Continental issued waistcoat) p.1
  • Private, Regiment von Eyb – 1777-1783, Derek Fitzjames (plate) p.4
  • Annual Index, 1971 The Battle of Minden, P.R.N. Katcher p.7

Vol. IX No. 2 (Mar./Apr. 1972) (the pages are incorrectly numbered)

  • Brigade News and Information p.2
  • Letters to the Editor, (commander’s resignation) (purpose of Brigade) (small re-enactment units) (book review reply) p.2
  • Brigade News and Information p.8
  • Books: The Picture Newspaper of the American Revolution, P.R.N. Katcher p.10

Vol. IX No. 3 (May/June 1972) [part of issue is missing]

  • Thomas Pain and his Unusual Military Career, Alan C. Aimone p.1
  • Gunner, 4th Battalion, Royal Artillery Regiment, 1776, Don Troiani (plate and article) p.9

Vol. IX No. 4 (July/August 1972)

  • The Battle of Quebec, Gustav Person (short description of battle) p.1
  • Brigade News and Information p.2
  • Private, 1st North Carolina Regiment 1779, George Woodbridge & P.R.N. Katcher (plate and article) p.2
  • Recent Books of Special Interest, P.R.N. Katcher (Spanish Military Weapons in Colonial America 1700-1821; British Military Longarms 1815-1864; Encyclopedia of Continental Army Units) p.4

Vol. IX No. 5 (September/October 1972)

  • Yankee Gunpowder in the Revolution, Robert C. Gramberg (British regulations and American production of gunpowder) p.1
  • Seaman, Royal Navy, 1775-1783, Richard T. Claydon & Dennis Martin (plate and article) p.3
  • A Brief But Pleasant Visit to a British Fort in the Year 1773, George C. Woodbridge (from: ‘The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, L.L.D. by James Boswell, 1783’ of a trip to Fort George) p.5
  • Did British Use Rebel Equipment?, P.R.N. Katcher (cartridge boxes) p.6

Vol. IX No. 6 (Nov./Dec. 1972)

  • Washington’s Life-Guard, George Washington Parke Curtis & P.R.N. Katcher (plate and article) p.1, 4
  • Brigade News and Information p.1, 4, 8
  • A Signed Blanket Check, Arthur S. Lufkowitz (check, drawn against the U.S., signed by Timothy Pickering) p.4
  • A Nine Hole British “Belly” Box, Charles W. Meyer (pattern and description of original box) p.5
  • New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in 1781: An Italian Map of 1781, George Shumway Publisher p.6
  • Swords in Newspapers, Don Troiani (excerpts from period newspaper advertisements on unusual swords) p.8
  • Recent Books of Special Interest, P.R.N. Katcher (American Soldiers of the Revolution; English Civil War: A Military Handbook) p.9
  • (recruiting poster for the 5th Northumberland Grenadier Regiment) p.12