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Vol. XXIX No. 1 (Spring 1999)

  • Smallpox, Ian Anderson p.2
  • Innoculation and Vaccination: 18th Century Discoveries p.3
  • Lemuel Roberts Battles the Small Pox p.5
  • Making a Fascine Battery, Stephen Gilbert p.7
  • A Fascine Wall Described in a Period Source p.10
  • The Winter Encampment of Middlebrook, New Jersey 1778-1779, Glenn Valis p.11
  • Old Tents p.13
  • Eyewitness to Battle: Alexander Dow’s Account of a Skirmish in 1777, and the Battle of Monmouth in 1778, John U. Rees p.15
  • RUN AWAY from the SUBSCRIBER (newspaper ads describing people) p.17
  • Reviews of Books (Personnel of George Rogers Clark’s Fort Jefferson, and the Civilian Community of Clarksville [Kentucky] 1780-1781 ) p.19
  • Notes and Queries (British knapsacks; male camp followers; batteau construction) p.20

    Vol. XXIX No. 2 (Summer 1999)

  • “We are Now…Properly…Enwigwamed”: British Soldiers and Brush Shelters, 1777-1781. John U. Rees p.2
  • Rudiments of War (Part 1 of 3), Gerald Orvis, p.10
  • “…she was very fond of soldiers” (newspaper descriptions of women either married or spent time with soldiers), p.15
  • New Jersey Militia action near Somerset Court House, January 20, 1777, Glenn Valis, p.17
  • Lessons from the Courts: Pockets for Soldiers’ Clothing, p.19
  • RUN AWAY from the SUBSCRIBER (newspaper ads describing people) p.21
  • Recent Journal Articles p.18
  • Notes and Queries (sprig gown, watercraft, spades, shoe buckles, arbors, boughs in hats) p.23

    Vol. XXIX No. 3 (Autumn 1999)

  • Applying Tent Markings, Stephen Gilbert & Radford Polinsky, p.2
  • Rudiments of War (Part 2 of 3), Gerald Orvis, p.10
  • Mrs. Middleton Takes Prisoners (what women did during battles) p.17
  • Eyewitness to Battle: Pension Depositions of Frederick Van Lew and Isaac Childs, John U. Rees, p.18
  • RUN AWAY from the SUBSCRIBER (newspaper ads describing people) p.21
  • Reviews of Books (Where a Man Can Go: Major General William Phillips, British Royal Artillery, 1731-1781. Records of the Revolutionary War) p.24
  • Notes & Queries (army widows, Huzzah or Huzzay, smallpox, bowers) p.26

    Vol. XXIX No. 4 (Winter 1999)

  • Making Your Reproduction Short Land Service Musket More Authentic, Hardy Menagh, p.2
  • Rudiments of War (Part 3 of 4), Gerald Orvis, p.8
  • Cultivating the Soldier’s Fare: 18th Century Gardening Instructions, p.13
  • Fortification of Breed’s Hill: Unanswered Questions, John Koopman III, p.18
  • Shade at Bunker Hill, p.19
  • Eyewitness to Battle: The New Jersey Brigade at Connecticut Farms and Springfield, June 1780, John U. Rees, p.20
  • Lessons from the Courts: Weights and Measures, p.23
  • RUN AWAY from the SUBSCRIBER (newspaper ads describing people) p.24
  • Recent Journal Articles, p.19
  • Reviews of Books (Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War) p.26
  • Notes & Queries (hunting shirts, sprig gown, old tents, kettles and pots; ammunition) p.27

    Vol. XXX No. 1 (Spring 2000)

  • To Nourish His Majesty’s Troops: the Mess, Kitchen and Provisions of the Common British Soldier during the American War for Independence, by Gregory S. Theberge, p.2
  • Pronouncing “Huzza”: Clear Voices Across the Centuries, Norm Fuss, Hardy Menagh, Mark Hilliard, p.15
  • Women of Fort Jefferson, p.21
  • Literacy and Extra Duty Among British Soldiers in America, Steven M. Baule, p.24
  • Caring for Tin Kettles, Carl and Marcia Giordano, p.26
  • RUN AWAY from the SUBSCRIBER, (newspaper advertisements describing people) p.28
  • Recent Journal Articles, p.20
  • Resources on the Internet, p.27
  • Notes & Queries (funeral ceremony, sprig gown) p.30

    Vol. XXX No. 2 (Summer 2000)

  • Victualling and Resupply within Cornwallis’ Southern Army: the March from Charleston to Guilford Courthouse, Ted Filer, p.2
  • “White Wollen”, “Striped Indian Blankets”, “Rugs and Coverlids”: the Variety of Continental Army Blankets, John U. Rees, p.11
  • Mary Driskill, 10th Regiment of Foot, p.15
  • Continental Bayonet: A Low-Tech Project, Hardy Menagh, p.16
  • Excerpts Regarding Music from the 2nd New Jersey Orderly Book 1776, Gary Vorwald, p.18
  • Pulaski’s Remains Found?, Jim Sieradski, p.20
  • RUN AWAY from the SUBSCRIBER (newspaper ads describing people) p.22
  • Notes & Queries (singing, sprig gown, funeral ceremony, Frederick Van Lew, Breed’s Hill, gunstock stain, ammunition, brush huts) p.24

    Vol. XXX No. 3 (Autumn 2000)

  • Material and Construction of 18th Century Soldiers’ Tents, Norman H. Fuss, p.2
  • Most Common 18th Century Greetings and Farewells, Paul Dickfoss, p.15
  • Going on Campaign: Delving into the Living Conditions of the 18th Century Soldier, Todd Post, p.21
  • RUN AWAY from the SUBSCRIBER (newspaper ads describing people) p.25
  • Notes & Queries (Huzza and Huzzay, tin camp kettles, armed women, weights and measures) p.27

    Vol. XXX No. 4 (Winter 2000)

  • Five Year Index, 1996-2000, p.2
  • America’s First Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Philip D. Weaver, p.9
  • Caps, Capots, and Corduroy: European Troops Prepare for the Canadian Winter, Don H. Hagist, p.13
  • Continental Soldiers’ Mill’d Wool Caps, 1778, John U. Rees, p.16
  • Women on Burgoyne’s Campaign, p.18
  • RUN AWAY from the SUBSCRIBER (newspaper ads describing people) p.21
  • Recent Journal Articles, p.17
  • Review of Books (Writings from the Valley Forge Encampment of the Continental Army, December 19, 1777-June 19, 1778; The Packet II, Being Another Collection of Patterns, Articles and Essays of Particular Interest to the 18th Century Re-enactor; Calendar and Quartermaster Books of General George Rogers Clark’s Fort Jefferson, Kentucky, 1780-1781; Sybil Ludington’s Midnight Ride), p.23
  • Notes & Queries (Breed’s Hill, Huzza and Huzzay) p.26