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Vol XXV No. 1 (Spring 1995)

  • “The Music of the Army…” An Abbreviated Study of the Ages of Musicians in the Continental Army Part 2 of 2, John U. Rees (information from pension records; see V24#4) p. 2.
  • The Women of the British Army, A General Overview. Part 3 – Living Conditions, Don N. Hagist (see V24#3, V24#4, V25#2; Notes: V25#1, V25#2, V25#3, V25#4) p. 11.
  • Lessons from the Courts: On the Road to Freehold, Don N. Hagist (women charged with plundering) p. 13.
  • Notes & Queries (telescopes used by land forces; blankets; married British soldiers at Saratoga; reply to “What the Drunken Soldier Wore” V24#3; bathing) p.17
  • After Action Report: Battle of Trenton, 1993 Express p.2
  • After Action Report: Winter Tactical, 1994 Express p.3
  • After Action Report: Market Days, 1993 Express p.8

Volume XXV No. 2 (Summer 1995)

  • Fort Niagara in the American Revolution, Brian Leigh Dunnigan (overview of the history and situation of Fort Niagara) p.2
  • The Women of the British Army: A General Overview, Part 4 – Miscellaneous Notes, Don N. Hagist (see V24#3, V24#4, V25#1; Notes: V25#1, V25#2,
    V25#3, V25#4) p.8
  • Lessons from the Courts: A Case of Mistaken Identity, and a Woman Child of Nine Years of Age, Gilbert V. Riddle & Don N. Hagist (incident concerning an army child) p.9
  • Shirts for the Big Man, Philip D. Weaver (adjusting shirt pattern for large sizes) p.15
  • Reviews of Books (General Washington’s Army 1: 1775-1778; Fauquier County, Virginia, Court Records, 1776-1782) p.17
  • Recent Journal Articles p.19
  • Notes & Queries (the game of ball, blankets, British Army laundresses, the use of turns, officers use of personal weapons in battle, carrying of tent poles, the dismissal of troops) p.20
  • Commander’s Address, 1995 Express p.2
  • The Soldiers Manual Revisions (changes to the safety section of the Brigade Soldiers Manual) Express p.5
  • Bed Rugs, Suellen Tatrai (discussion of period bed covers) Express p.9
  • Fancy Fronts: Gentlemen’s Waistcoats of the Eighteenth Century (photographs and information from a museum exhibit of embroidered waistcoats) Express p.10
  • The Review of Books (The Refinement of America; Tastes of Paradise) Express p.12

Volume XXV No. 3 (Autumn 1995)

  • Notes Concerning Women in the 18th Century French Army, Ren, Chartrand (explanation of the relative lack of women with French forces in America) p.2
  • Rochambeau’s Army, and Women in America, Donald J. Brandt (insights on women with and around a French regiment) p.3
  • Music for Light Infantry Songs, Gary R. Vorwald (music for songs discussed in V23#3) p.5
  • 18th Century Dress Fabrics: The Barbara Johnson Scrapbook, Norman H. Fuss (insights on popularity and costs of fabrics, from a period source)
  • August 15, 1776, Philip D. Weaver (description of a small engagement, from period sources) p.12
  • Recent Journal Articles p.13
  • Ages of Drummers in the Provincial Corps, Todd Braisted (a brief survey based on period returns of several regiments; see notes: V26#1) p.14
  • Ages of Drummers in the 1st Battalion, Brigade of Guards, Winston Stone (a brief survey based on period returns of several companies) p.15
  • A Jingling Match (a period game described) p.16
  • Reviews of Books (Frontier Advance on the Upper Ohio, 1778 – 1779; The Battle of Brooklyn, 1776; Revolutionary War Chronology & Almanac,
    1754 – 1783) p.17
  • Notes & Queries (bagpipes in the Continental army, laundresses) p.19
  • Photos from Constitution Island Event, 1995 Express p.1, 4
  • Color Ceremony of the 84th Regiment Express p.2

Vol. XXV No. 4 (Winter 1995)

  • Contents of the Brigade Dispatch, Volumes X through XXV p.2
  • Index to Notes & Queries p.9
  • Contents of The Express, Volumes 1 through 14 p.11
  • Author Index p.15
  • Photographer Index p.17
  • Illustrator Index p.17
  • To Order Back Issues of the Brigade Dispatch… p.17
  • Reviews of Books (Campaign of 1776: The Road to Trenton; The Adventures of Ebenezer Fox in the Revolutionary War; Eighteenth Century America: A Hessian Report on the People, the Land, the War, as Noted in the Diary of Chaplain Philipp Waldeck (1776-1780)) p.18
  • Recent Journal Articles p.21
  • Notes and Queries (the use of priming horns in the Revolution; game of ball; Spanish soldiers using captured British firearms; militia tactics against Dragoons; account of a woman wearing a soldier’s coat; period song on soldier’s wives near the battle of Bunker Hill; forming two ranks deep from three; interesting punishment) p.22
  • Scenes from The Grand Encampment: 1995 Express p.1
  • The Tactical Weapons Demonstration (a look at differant types of TWDs) Express p.2
  • The Madness of King George (review of a film) Express p.4
  • Standing Orders for the Cavalry Weapons Regulations Express p.5

Vol. XXVI No. 1 (Spring 1996)

  • Women with the Hessian Auxiliaries during the American Revolutionary War (Part 1 of 2), Bruce E. Burgoyne (situation of women in the army; see V26#2, V26#3) p.2
  • 18th Century Printed Cotton Fabrics, Norman H. Fuss, jr (discussion types and frequency of use, based on primary sources) p.9
  • Recent Journal Articles p.12
  • Fieldwork: Support Firelocks – Documenting a favorite Position of Arms, Don N. Hagist (examples from period manuals-of-arms) p.13
  • Salt Beef and Spruce Beer: Provisions for the British Navy (primary source description of manufacture; see Notes: V26#3) p.16
  • Reviews of Books (The Surprise of Germantown, or, the Battle of Cliveden, October 4th, 1777, An Officer’s Guide for Re-created British Regiments of Foot) p.17
  • Notes and Queries (Dragoon and Legion fifers; researching the 2nd Connecticut Regt.; game of ball; drummers in the 1st Battalion, Brigade of Guards; clubbing firelocks) p.18
  • Results of 1995 Fall Firelock Match Express p.2
  • Images from the Spring 1995 Shoot Express p.3
  • Scenes from the 1995 Market Fair Express p.4

Vol. XXVI No. 2 (Summer 1996)

  • A Deadly Minuet: The Advance of the New England “Picked Men” against the Royal Highlanders at the Battle of Monmouth, 28 June 1778, Garry
    Wheeler Stone, Daniel M. Sivilich, Mark Edward Lender (analysis of an engagement based on archaeological evidence and primary sources) p.2
  • Women with the Hessian Auxiliaries during the American Revolutionary War (Part 2 of 2), Bruce E. Burgoyne (situation of women in the
    army; see V26#1, V26#3) p.19
  • Tambour Work, Suellen Tatrai (discussion of how this work is done) p.24
  • How Far Off the Ground? Coat Length in the First Regiment of Foot Guards, 1776, Linnea M. Bass, William W. Burke (primary source information) p.26
  • Notes and Queries (ball games; cut musket balls; packing of tents) p.27
  • Images from the School of Instruction Express p.1-4

Vol. XXVI No. 3 (Autumn 1996)

  • Women with Hessian Military Units, Bruce E. Burgoyne (names of all known women in the army; see V26#1, V26#2) p.2
  • Rediscovering the Fat Lamp, Chris Witmer (descriptions of how to identify and use them) p.11
  • The Squirrel Incident, Robert Sullivan (an amusing anecdote) p.13
  • Fieldwork: Front Rank, Make Ready (examples from period manuals-of-arms and pictures) p.14
  • From Tin to Wood: A Change in Canteens for the British Army, Gilbert V. Riddle (primary source information; see notes V33#2) p.16
  • Reviews of Books (General Washington’s Army 2: 1779-1783; Bunker Hill Notes & Queries; Naval Documents of the American Revolution V10) p.17
  • Recent Journal Articles p.19
  • Notes and Queries (knit patterns for breeches; use of salted beef) p.20
  • Images from the Grand Encampment Express p.1, 4, 5
  • Myth and Reality, Mark Hurwitz (commander’s thought on the Brigade) Express p.2, 3
  • Spring Firelock Match Results Express p.6
  • Images from Market Days Express p.7

Vol. XXVI No. 4 (Winter 1996)

  • Refugees & Others: Loyalist Families in the American War for Independence (Part 1 of 2), Todd W. Braisted (situation of displaced civilians; see V27#2) p.2
  • An Enemy of the People (sidebar to above) p.4
  • The Professionals in the Braunschweig Regiments who took part in the American Revolutionary War under the English Crown (Part 1 of 3), Helga Doblin surgeons, chaplains and clerks; see V27#1, #2, Notes V27#3) p.8
  • “Bugle Horns”, “conk shells” and “Signals by Drum”: Miscellaneous Notes on Instruments and Their Usage During the American War for Independence, John U. Rees (military signaling, from primary sources) p.13
  • Fieldwork: Firelock Fundamentals p.16
  • Reviews of Books (An Officer’s Guide for Re-created British Regiments of Foot Vol. 3; The Colonial Chronicle; Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association) p.18
  • Recent Journal Articles p.20
  • Images from filming of Liberty! Express 1, 3, 4
  • Reflections on a Generation, Mark Hurwitz Express p.2