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(The page numbers refer to the first page of the article.
“Brigade News and Information can include: Calendar, Meetings, Upcoming Events, Past Events &c. (ads are not incluced.)

Vol. X No. 1 (March/April 1974)

  • A British Military Blanket, Wayne Daniels (description and instructions for reproducing an original; see notes V23#3, V23#4) p.1
  • Book Reviews, (General Orders of George Washington issued at Newburgh, 1782-1783) p.5
  • New System of Military Discipline: Section III. of Accouterments, Stan and Steve Tyliszczak (care of equipment from a period source) p.6
  • Eighteenth Century Military Musick During the American Revolution, Kerry N. Jost (part 1; discussion of camp duties including drum beatings, and when to use them) p.8
  • Brigade News and Information p.15-18
  • Tobacco Pipes in the Continental Army, Don A. Troiani (four pipes found at American campsites, made from various materials) p.18

Vol. X No. 2 (May/June 1974)

  • Some Notes on the Question: Why did General Howe Fail to Support General Burgoyne in the Campaign of 1777?, Anthony Wayne Tommell (insights drawn from period sources) p.1
  • Brigade News and Information p.6, 7, 10, 11, 15, 16
  • A Rich Cake, Carol Woodbury (period recipe) p.7
  • Womens’ Fashion During the American Revolution, Nancy Cole (influences on period fashion) p.8
  • Eighteenth Century Military Musick During the American Revolution, Kerry N. Jost (part 2; discussion of marching signals and music including signals for infantry, artillery and bugle calls) p.12
  • Colonial Pollution, Arthur Lefkowitz (water pollution in New York City in the 1770s) p.14
  • Book Reviews (The American Campaigns of Rochambeau’s Army; Bonnin and Morris of Philadelphia, the first American Porcelain Factory) p.15

Vol. X No. 3 (July/August 1974)

  • The Continental Pioneer, Michael Cleary (duties, equipment &c.) p.1
  • The Sale of the Hessians, George Woodbridge (period document on payment for German casualties) p.4
  • Some Thoughts on Historical Recreation, Wanda Daniels (perspectives on period materials) p.5
  • Runaway Advertisements from the Pennsylvania Packet p.6 Eighteenth Century Recipes as Served at Colonie Park, Jim Sweeney p.7
  • Photographs from events, 1974 p.8
  • Facsimile of Lord Sterling’s Oath as Administered by Washington, Lee MacMahn (period oath of allegiance) p.11
  • Book Reviews (Stranger Stop and Cast an Eye, a Guide to Gravestones & Gravestone Rubbing; Colonial Kitchens, their Furnishings and their Gardens) p.13
  • Brigade news and information p.12, 14, 15

Vol. X No. 4 (Sept./Oct. 1974)

  • Boors and Nobles: Eighteenth Century Soldier Life and Warfare, Part I, Alan C. Aimone (evolution of soldiering, beginning with weapons and tactics) p.1
  • Some Remarks concerning 18th Century Military Weapons, Michael Cleary (effectiveness of muskets and bayonets) p.3
  • Castrametation – The Art of Encampment, David C. Cole (period article by Lewis Loche) p.4
  • Reflections on the War with the Indians of North America, Richard Juday (extracts from a book by William Smith on Bouquet’s 1764 expedition) p.7
  • Private, Thirteenth Regiment, Albany County Militia, William E. Meuse & Dick S. von Schriltz (uniform plate and description) p.8
  • The Sufferings of Lady Harriet Ackland, Nancy Cole (experiences of the wife of a British officer) p.10
  • Book Reviews (American Basketry and Woodenware, A Collector’s Guide; with a ‘New Titles’ list) p.13
  • Antiquities of British Regiments from the American Revolution, Thomas Pieper (regimental nicknames and traditions which date from the American service of British regiments) p.14
  • Runaway advertisements (period advertisements) p.15

Vol. XI No. 2 (Winter 1975) [this issue is not in the bound volume]

  • The Gun Flint in the American Revolution, Edwin S. Wright (types and quality of flints) p.1
  • In Memoriam: Howard M. Raymond, jr.; William Taraborrelli p.3
  • Textiles for Women’s Costumes of the 18th Century, Wanda Daniels (discussion of period fabrics) p.4
  • Drummers Call, Kerry N. Jost (extracts from A System for the Complete Interior Management and Economy of a Battalion of Infantry) p.6
  • Collector Candids, George C. Neumann (French & Indian War cartridge box) p.9
  • Organization of the Corps of Light Infantry: The Campaign of 1780, Edward A. Dowling (order of battle of composite battalions) p.10
  • Invoice of Camp Equipage… New York, 1780, Glenn Osborne, jr. (period document listing equipment for British regiments) p.11
  • Authentic Camp Revisited, Ron Tunnison (18th Century weekend held on August 18-19, 1973) p.12

Vol. XIV No. 1 (Summer 1978)

  • The Drummer’s Companion – Instructions and Rules for the Management of Rope Tensioned Drums, Including Brigade Regulations for Drums, Part I, John M. Frayler (drum maintenance) p.3
  • Photographs from events, 1976 – 1978 p.8, 15, 21, 26, 37
  • Boors and Nobles: Eighteenth Century Soldier Life and Warfare, Part II, Alan C. Aimone (backgrounds of soldiers, and recruitment) p.12
  • A Royal Honor Guard (Brigade units form an honor guard for the Prince of Wales) p.18
  • Profiles (profile of Sally S. Sanderson, Brigade member) p.17
  • The Camp Followers’ Role in the War for Independence: 1775-1783, Sally S. Sanderson (women with the Continental army) p.20
  • A Military Epitaph (from The Gentleman’s Magazine, 1781) p.21
  • Irish Catholics in the British Army of the American Revolution: The Article behind the Uniform, Gregory J. W. Urwin (recruiting of Irish Catholics into British regiments) p.22
  • 18th Century Gunner’s Calipers, Mathias Koppinger (period instrument, and description of its use) p.24
  • Bloodletting as an Eighteenth Century Medical Practice, Otto dePierne (methods of and reasons for bloodletting) p.27
  • Book Reviews (Weathering the Storm: Women of the American Revolution; A Course of Artillery at the Royal Military Academy; The Light 6 Pdr. Battalion Gun of 1776; The Revolutionary War Memoir and Selected Correspondence of Philip Van Cortlandt) p.29
  • In Memoriam: Frederick P. Todd; Warren Dennison; Louise Sweeny p.30
  • Brigade news and information p. 30, 38
  • A Selection of Curious and Diverting Definitions from Captain Grose’s Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (selections from a period
    dictionary of slang) p.32

Vol. XVII No. 1 (Jan./Mar. 1981)

  • Eighteenth Century Officers’ Education, Part 1, Alan C. & Barbara A. Aimone (background, training, and social situation of European officers with info on buying commissions, retirement &c.) p.3
  • Lt. Richard Williams and the Cartridge Box Badge of the 23rd Foot, Part 1, Mark A. Nichipor (discovery of a regimental artifact) p.9
  • 2nd Battalion of Foot, New York Provincial Forces, 1775, Philip D. Weaver and Alan C. Aimone (profile of a Brigade unit) p.14
  • Photographs of Evolution of the Soldier program, 1979 p.17
  • “Yea, Methinks, My Jesus Bids me Come:” A Redcoat’s Farewell, June 18th, 1775, Gregory J. W. Urwin (original British soldier’s letter) p.20

Vol. XVIII No. 1 (Winter 1985)

  • Editorial: A History of the Dispatch p.1
  • Reader’s Exchange (Notes & Queries) p.2
  • Finding a Relic: Waistbelt Plate of the 33rd Regiment of Foot, Ian Anderson (description of how an artifact was located; includes measured drawing of artifact) p.3
  • Fieldwork: Commands for Light Infantry & Rangers of Major Patrick Ferguson, 71st Regiment of Foot, Todd Braisted (whistle and hand signals, from a period orderly book) p.5
  • 20 Years Ago… (item from Brigade Dispatch, March 1965) p.7
  • Brigade Units: The 22nd Regiment of Foot, Don N. Hagist (profile of recreated unit) p.8
  • Missives, Wayne M. Daniels (item from Brigade Dispatch, 1967) p.10

Vol. XVIII No. 2 (Autumn 1985)

  • Editorial: Management, and the Quest for Information p.1
  • Fieldwork: Field Review, 1774, Tom S. Vilardi (period description of a review and mock battle in Ireland) p.2
  • Relics: A Campaign Bed (pattern of an original folding bed) p.4
  • 18th Century Tent Peg, Norman Fuss (pattern of an original tent peg excavated at Fort Ligonier) p.6
  • Research Tips, Steve Gilbert (Using the David Library of the American Revolution; information on British regiments in National Genealogical Society Quarterly) p.7
  • Provincial Rank, Todd W. Braisted (rank of Provincial officers, compared to British officers) p.7
  • Events 1985 (photos from events) p.8
  • Journal of Aaron Wright, 1775 (diary of a Pennsylvania rifleman marching to, and at the siege of Boston, June 1775 – March 1776) p.10
  • Brigade Units: Infanterie Regiment von Donop, Joseph M. Malit (profile of a recreated unit) p.14
  • Reader’s Exchange (manufacturing goose quills; period comments on American riflemen; Re: whistle signals [vol. XVIII No. 1]) p.16

Vol. XVIII No. 3 (Summer 1986)

    • Editorial: What to Write for this Journal p.1
    • Clean your Musket the 18th. Century Way, Norman Fuss (musket cleaning in a period manner) p.2
    • A Period Orderly Book (general and brigade orders given in Connecticut, November 1778 – March 1779) p.9
    • Some Sources for Research, Kim R. Stacey (manuscripts in Detroit Public Library and William L. Clements Library) p.11
    • Note (period account of incident at Cowpens) 11
    • Notes from the Membership (notes from discussion groups at the School of the Soldier, 1986 concering misc. re-enacting topics) p.12
    • Brigade Units: 10th Massachusetts Regiment, Henry M. Cooke (profile of recreated unit) p.14
    • Notes & Queries (source of painting; period game; funny quote) p.16