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(The page numbers refer to the first page of the article.
“Brigade News and Information can include: Calendar, Meetings, Upcoming Events, Past Events &c. (ads are not incluced.)

Vol. V No. 1 (February 1968)

  • Brigade News and Information p.1, 2
  • Recommended Book: The History of Weapons of the American Revolution (1200 photographs of 404 polearms, swords, firearms &c.) p.3
  • Recommended Book: Lock Stock and Barrel (restoration and repair of flint guns) p.3
  • Small Beer, William Wigham (description and recipe for small beer p.3
  • A Brief History of Rifles in America, Peter Comtois (rifles in military service with emphasis on the Whig army) p.4
  • Excerpt from Colonel Timothy Pickering’s EASY PLAN FOR THE DISCIPLINE OF A MILITIA Boston 1774, William Wigham (militia drill for officer with fusee) p.5
  • Wooden Canteens, William Wigham (descriptions of period canteens and care of canteens) p.6
  • Notes from Thomas Simes’ A MILITARY COURSE FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND CONDUCT OF A BATTALION, London, 1777, Edwin S. Wright (care and fit of clothing for the troops) p.7
  • Service of a Light Field Gun, 1775-1783, G. Woodbridge (extract from “A Universal Military Dictionary”, 1779, on the duties of the men in a gun crew and the use of drum beats in place of voice commands) p.8
  • New York Sons of Liberty, A.W. Kopser p.9
  • Musick, Kerry O’Hickey Jost (The Rogue’s March) p.9

Vol. V No. 2 (April 1968)

  • Brigade News and Information p.1, 2, 4, 5
  • Eighteenth Century Military Misick, Part I, Kerry N. Jost (drum beats and signals for a typical soldier’s day in camp) p.5
  • “An Unthinking Piece of Myrth” or an Unfortunate End to a Boating Party, Kerry N. Jost (extracts from General Orders for Clinton’s Brigade, 1779, on inquiry into arrest of Capt. of Lamb’s Artillery) p.7
  • Some Instructions to Soldiers from “Mes Reveries” by Marshal De Saxe, Gustave Person (extracts from French military manual on use of helmets, construction of regiments, &c.) p.8
  • Some Hopefully Helpful Hints on Leather Work and Things, Charles Meyer (punching holes for scabbards, hardening metal – specifically a frizzen) p.9
  • Making Lead or Pewter Buttons, Martin A. Pope p.10

Vol. V No. 3 (June 1968)

  • Brigade News and Information p.1, 2, 3, 4
  • (No Title), G. Woodbridge (plate of “early war American fighting man” with coloring instructions) p. between pages 4 and 5
  • Eighteenth Century Military Musick, Kerry Jost (calls, marches &c.) p.5
  • How to Make Your Own Musket Pick and Brush, Charles W. Meyer p.7
  • The Regimental History of the Second New York, Kerry N. Jost (history of the original unit from beginning to end) p.8

Vol. V No. 4 (August 1968)

  • Brigade News and Information p.1, 2, 4
  • From the Brigade Inspector, George C. Woodbridge (clothing regulations, inspection results of two new units) p.3
  • An Appeal, George C. Woodbridge (help for Dispatch plate series) p.3
  • Outline History of Nicholas Battalion Continental Marines, Michael J. Winey (history of original unit) p.5
  • Eighteenth Century Military Musick, Kerry N. Jost (calls, tattoo, signals &c.) p.8
  • Indian Ingenuity, Gus Person (carrying coals in a pouch for travel and make five gallon jars from a single deer-neck skin) p.9

Vol. V No. 5 (October 1968)

  • Brigade News and Information p.1, 2, 4
  • From the Brigade Inspector, George C. Woodbridge (inspection results of a new unit) p.3
  • Plate #3, New Hampshire Militia – June 1775, George C. Woodbridge (plate with coloring instructions) p. between pages 4 and 5
  • A Survey of Musket Powder Horns: Part 1, Wayne Daniels (design and construction of period powder horns) p.5

Vol. VI No. 1 (February 1969)

  • Brigade News and Information p.1, 2, 4
  • (No Title), G. Gedney Godwin (letter questioning the brigade inspector’s statement that synthetic cloth may not be worn) p.3
  • (No Title), George C. Woodbridge (reply to above letter) p.4
  • American Sword Artistry, George C. Neumann (drawing and description of “artistic” sword hilt) p.6
  • A Survey of Musket Powder Horns: Part 2, Wayne Daniels (design, construction and use of period powder horns) p.5
  • Some Notes on the Musket, Gustav Person (accuracy and destructive power of musket volleys) p.8
  • A Cannon Ball Through the Front Door, A. W. Hopser (cannonade of a Dutch Manor-House in Hyde Park, NY in 1777 by the British Navy with notes on range and elevation) p.9
  • Plate #4, Grenadier Sergeant, 33rd Regiment of Foot – 1776 (plate with regiment history and coloring instructions) p.11

Vol. VI No. 2 (May 1969)

  • Brigade News and Information p.1, 2, 3
  • Plate No. 5 – Sergeant First Maryland Regiment – 1780-81, G. Woodbridge (plate with history and coloring instructions) p. between p. 2-3
  • First Pennsylvania Trophy, David A. Horn (proposal for trophy at Firelock Matches) p.3
  • Letters to the Editor, (concerning G. Gedney Godwin and George C. Woodbridge’s letters in the previous Dispatch) p.4
  • Fathers Know Best, Charles Meyer (two stories about the author) p.6
  • A Converted Cartridge Box, George C. Neumann (photo and description of cartridge box made from hunting bag) p.7
  • An Introduction, John Frayler (18th century warships) p.9
  • Tactical Change in the 18th Century, Gus Person (changes and innovations in tactics during the 18th century) p.10

Vol. VI No. 3 (August 1969)

  • Brigade News and Information p.1, 2, 4
  • From the Brigade Inspector, George C. Woodbridge (inspection report of The 43rd Regt. of Foot, accuracy of muskets, and position of soldier just before charging the firelock) p.2
  • Rifleman’s Moccasins, Charles W. Meyer (types of moccasins worn) p.5
  • Collector Candids: Pistol Holsters, George C. Neumann (description and photos of original officer’s pistol holster for horseback) p.5
  • The Forms of Musket Powder Horns, Wayne M. Daniels (drawings and descriptions of original powder horns) p.6
  • Plate No. 6, Johnson’s Royal Regt. of New York (Royal Queens) 1777, Douglas Neumann (description of unit and uniform with plate) p.

Vol. VII No. 1 (January 1970)

  • Brigade News and Information p.1
  • Letter to the Editor, Gustav Person (concerning lack of drill training in Brigade units) p.1
  • If You Want to Assemble a Brown Bess Kit, Bob Fisch (directions for assembling a kit) p.2
  • Plate No.7 Capt. Charles Drayton’s Company, Charleston S.C. – 1775, Peter Copeland (plate with uniform description) p.between p.4-5
  • A Musket of Captain William Hickman, British 23rd Regt. – The Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Ted Egly (description and photos of original musket with short unit history and info on William Hickman) p.5
  • Reproducing a Powder Horn, Wayne M. Daniels (making a powder horn) p.9
  • Links With the Past, Gustav Person (information on units in the Revolution that are ancestors to modern units, with list of regiments under Burgoyne in 1777 and info on what happened to them) p.12
  • Collector Candids: Twin Barreled Pistol Ignition, George C. Neumann (description and photos of original screw-barreled pistol with interesting ignition system) p.14

Vol. VII No. 2 (June 1970)

  • Documentary Account of the Naval Battle Off Ushant: 1778, Richard Ryan (three dispatches from British Admiral Augustus Keppel to Sir Phillip Stephens regarding the battle off Ushant) p.1
  • Plate No.8 – 1st Battalion, Pennsylvania Loyalists – 1778-1781, George Woodbridge (plate with uniform description) p.3
  • Collector Candids: The Bayonet Pike, George C. Neumann (photos and description of an original bayonet trench spear) p.5
  • Soldiers, Gentleman and Heroes, An Old Campaigner (tongue-in-cheek instructions to soldiers) p.6
  • The Evolution of the British Light Infantry Cap or Helmet, [author unknown] (drawings and descriptions of helmets) p.7
  • Brigade News and Information p.9, 10, 11

Vol. VII No. 3 (August 1970)

  • The Frontier Knife, G. Gedney Godwin (styles, materials and dimensions of period knives) p.1
  • Codes and the Arnold/Andre Plot, Arthur S. Lefkowitz (explanation of the codes used by Arnold and Andre) p.3
  • The Discovery of Six Baylor’s Dragoons, W. M. Daniels (description of the archaeological excavation of six Third Regt. of Light Dragoons’ graves) p.4
  • The Story of the “Massacre”, (excerpt from, “The Life of George Washington” on the massacre of Baylor’s Dragoons) p.4
  • Tonguing, Martin A. Pope (instructions for fife players) p.4
  • Royal Artillery Foul Weather Coat, P.R.N Katcher (photo and description of original leather coat) p.5
  • Plate No.4 – A Note, [Author Unknown] (lace on sergeant of grenadier company, 33rd Regt. of Foot) p.5
  • Brigade News and Information p.6, 9, 11
  • An American Engineer – 1776 Plate #9, Robert E. Mulligan (plate by George Woodbridge of a Lieut. Col. of Continental Engineers, with article on Col. Juduthan Baldwin, Engineer) p.11

Vol. VII No. 4 (October 1970)

  • Unreported Continental Buttons, Don Troiani (illustrations & descriptions of four original buttons: New York officer, 1st Continental, 1st Maryland Matrosses
    and 2nd Maryland battalion buttons) p.1
  • The Bravery of the English Common Soldiers, Dr. Samuel Johnson (period article providing insights on the character of the English common soldier with comments by George C. Woodbridge) p.2
  • Some Notes, P.R.N. Katcher (short histories of four British units) p.2
  • “Model 1751” British Short Sword (Hanger) Scabbard, (drawing and description of original sword and scabbard) p.3
  • The British Infantry Regimental Coat 1775-1783, P.R.N. Katcher (descriptions and photos of company regimentals) p.4
  • Collector Candids: Jacknife Variations, George C. Neumann (photo and description of a original American soldiers knife) p.6
  • Of Books, P.R.N.K. (book review of ‘The Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan Against the Six Nations of Indians in 1779’ and ‘The Standing Orders and Regulations for the British Army in Ireland’) p.6
  • Brigade News and Information p.7, 8, 9
  • Plate No.10, 2nd New York Regiment at Valley Forge, Winter, 1777-1778 (plate and article by George Woodbridge on the 2nd New York) p.10