The Battle of Short Hills
Oak Ridge Park, Clark, New Jersey 07066
240th Anniversary
June 23-25, 2017
Bring New Jersey's History Home

Line of Soldiers Firing

parking, camping and set up


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Please note the Yellow Star of registration!  This will be the FIRST PLACE you will go upon entering the grounds.  There will be a large sign pointing to registration along the main road. Follow this up the driveway and we can get you registered and directed to your proper unloading and parking areas.  BAR staff will be on hand to help you with any directions and paperwork. 

Parking will be across from the Clark Township Municipal Pool  located at 201 Oak Ridge Road, Clark, NJ 07066.  Reenactor Parking is in an area designated on the map in SKY BLUE. County Police will be at the entrance directing traffic and will show you where to park. The entrance is located across from the Clark Municipal Pool. Participants will park as far into the field as possible. You can drive into both Crown and Continental Camps for setup, but all cars must be out of camp by 9AM Saturday. We ask arrivals come between 1300-1900, and then from 2200 onwards, on Friday. The country is requesting noise movements be at a minimum from 1900-2200 as there will be a concert near the premise at this time. More information on this will come shortly.
Crown forces will enter their camp via the main parking lot driveway.

Modern Camping:

Will be behind the American camp, out of sight from the public.


Sutlers have a designed set up spot in-between the two camps and can access this spot for drop off via the right side of the parking lot. Upon completion of set up, please park in the participant parking area.


Equestrian participants will enter the main parking lot and can park trailers in the service area to the right. Shade for horses is available in the area designated by the map in PINK, and a water point is very close by. Hay will be provided for horses.


Recreational vehicle will have a designated parking area in the archery range to the far eft of the homestead parking area.

Some of these items are subject to change, so please check with us here prior to arrival for the latest news..