The Battle of Short Hills
Oak Ridge Park, Clark, New Jersey 07066
240th Anniversary
June 23-25, 2017
Bring New Jersey's History Home

Line of Soldiers Firing


On this page you'll find links to the various regiments that served at the Battle of Short Hills. Each link includes documentation on that regiment as well as a guide for its recreation.

As living historians, we all strive for an accurate as possible representation of our forefathers. We reenact to educate and memorialize those who spilt blood in the name of freedom and liberty. That being said, we also realize that in modern times this isn't always the easiest task. We hope these resources inspire and help shape your impressions for this event and those to come. If you are unable to meet these guidelines you are still ALWAYS welcome to attend the event, we merely ask you do your best to keep 1776/1777 in mind. We want to ensure that all participants have the best possible experience at the battle of Short Hills 2017!

Guidelines and research prepared by Nicholas Spadone and John U Rees.
Thank you both!

Thomas Conway's Pennsylvania Brigade:

    3rd Pennsylvania Regiment

    6th Pennsylvania Regiment

    9th Pennsylvania Regiment

    12th Pennsylvania Regiment

Maxwell's New Jersey Brigade:

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th New Jersey Regiments

    Artillery Guidelines

Crown Guidelines TBD

Women's Guidelines

Hessian/Brunswick (blue-coated German) Guidelines