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New York/New Jersey Units

For more information about a particular unit, click on its link. If a unit does not have a link, please contact the Brigade Public Information Officer for more information. If your unit link is incorrect or has changed, please contact the Brigade Webmaster.

1st New York Regiment, [BAR Unit #018]
1st Continental Light Dragoons, Lee's Troop, [BAR Unit #220]
1st Ulster County Militia, [BAR Unit #304]
2nd New York Provincial Battalion (1775), [BAR Unit #019]
2nd Continental Artillery, Mott's 6th Company, 2nd Detachment, [BAR Unit #229]
2nd New Jersey Regiment, Helms' Company, [BAR Unit #203]
3rd New Jersey Regiment, [BAR Unit #017]
3rd New York Regiment, [BAR Unit #020]
3rd New York Regiment, Long Island Companies, [BAR Unit #115]
3rd Ulster County Militia Regiment, Cantine's Coy, [BAR Unit #289]
4th Battalion New Jersey Volunteers, Captain Samuel Hayden's Company, [BAR Unit #175]
4th New York Regiment, [BAR Unit #330]
5th New York Regiment, [BAR Unit #321]
15th Albany County Militia, Hagar's Independent Rifle Company, [BAR Unit #118]
16th Queen's Light Dragoons, [BAR Unit #230]
22nd Regiment of Foot, [BAR Unit #160]
23rd Regiment of Foot, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, [BAR Unit #038]
Butler's Rangers, Captain Frey's Company, [BAR Unit #079]
Butler's Rangers, Captain Walter Butler's Company, [BAR Unit #254]
Captain Alexander (Fraser's Company of Select Marksmen), [BAR Unit #282]
Captain John Outwater's Company of Militia, [BAR Unit #229]
Continental Marines, Captain Nichols Battalion, [BAR Unit #028]
Corps of Engineers, King's Army in America, [BAR Unit #234]
Daniel Morgan's Rifle Company, [BAR Unit #006]
Feldjaeger Corps, [BAR Unit #152]
Huntington Militia, Capt. Joshua Roger's Company, [BAR Unit #133]
Lamb's Artillery, 2nd Continental Artillery, [BAR Unit #023]
New Jersey Militia, Heard's Brigade, [BAR Unit #276]
Pulaski's Independent Legion, [BAR Unit #270]
Pawling's Independent Corps of Levies, [BAR Unit #207]
Queen's Rangers, Light Infantry, Capt. Stephenson's Company, [BAR Unit #155]
Regiment von Knyphausen, [BAR Unit #327]

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