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The History of the Recreated Detached Hospital

In early 1995 a few veteran Revolutionary War reenactors with a interest in colonial period medical practices joined together to share resources and ideas. From this meeting came the idea of the Detached Hospital. The recreated Detached Hospital officially came into being in the summer of that same year. In 1997 the Detached Hospital formally applied to become a member of The Brigade of the American Revolution, the premiere umbrella organization for Revolutionary War reenactment and research. The Detached Hospital was proud to attain full membership status in this organization in the latter part of 1998.

In 1999, the Detached Hospital was privileged to be one of the founding units of the Brigade of the American Revolution's Southern Department.

The Detached Hospital continues it's mission of research and interpretation to the public by working with various local, state, and national historic sites. A very partial list of the sites that we work with are,

Colonial Williamsburg
Guilford Courthouse N.M.P.
Ninety-Six N.H.S.
King's Mountain N.B.
Moore's Creek N.B.
Alamance Battleground S.H.S.
The House in the Horseshoe S.H.S.

We also assist with movie and television historical productions. Members of the Hospital have participated in the filming of Last of the Mohicans, P.B.S. Liberty! The American revolution, A&E's The American Revolution, The T.L.C. series on the American Revolution, Georgia Public Television's Georgia Stories, Canadian Broadcasting Network's History Lands, and many others too numerous to list. We also take our medical display to schools, meetings of local historical societies or any where else that there is a interest in the history of the American Revolution, or the history of early medicine.

We are a family oriented group, and we actively recruit new members. Men portray medical personnel, women as distaff or as women of the hospital. All members are required to pay membership dues to defray the cost of operating the Hospital and if they wish to participate in B.A.R. functions are required to be members of that organization.

For further information on our activities or if you would be interested in joining our group,

Please Visit our Web Site


Contact the following people:

Mike Williams
Senior Surgeon / Commanding
1323 Shoreline Trail
Graham, NC 27253-9731

Laurence Todd
Surgeon / Adjutant

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